SW Florida CTA Answers the Call ...

Our chapter advocates for fair personnel policies, discrimination protections, the right to organize and employment practices that respect the rights of all workers.

We advocate for lay leadership and engagement at all levels of Church. We believe it is critical that the institutional Church encourage input and leadership from lay people from all walks of life.

We work to educate and inspire Catholics to promote the dignity of LGBT people, their families and friends. We advocate for LGBT church workers, parishioners and allies and more.

We strive to confront racism and oppression, and to help others to recognize and break down structures of racism in their own communities.

We support the ordination of women; the full participation of women in the liturgy, pastoral life and leadership of their communities. We believe that the call to serve God and the Church comes to people of all genders.

We continue to support the ministry to the homeless; helping to provide food, shelter and needed services.


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